Community Sponsorship

We recognised that we have a responsibility to give back to our community, embrace diversity, sustain the environment and practice sound ethics. We recognise the impacts our decisions have on our stakeholders and work with them to determine mutually beneficial solutions.

We also drive community engagement by using our brand to:

  • Sponsor local sporting teams and clubs in the Geelong region
  • Maintain a close relationship with Geelong Disabled people’s industries via Sheltered Workshop roles
  • Provide training opportunities for the underprivileged and recruiting and training personnel operating in remote locations
  • Provide support to Heads Up mental health organisation
  • Sponsor Women in Sport through The Geelong Netball Club.

Indigenous Engagement

Our vision for reconciliation is to create an organisation that is aware of and integrates knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures, facilitates their secure economic independence by enhancing opportunities for education and gainful employment, and strengthens our engagement with the business community by continuing our supplier diversity focus through our involvement with Supply Nation.

Cloverdale is a proud member of Supply Nation of the Wathaurong Community, a recognised campaign that works towards strengthening Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander businesses through the promotion of supplier diversity.

Approximately 5% of Cloverdale employees are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.

We acknowledge that working closely with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, organisations and communities is necessary to strengthen and enhance Australian businesses. We work to cultivate a deep awareness and respect amongst employees of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and their relationship to land, their histories and cultures. This respect is important for fostering an inclusive workplace and for attracting and retaining a diverse workforce.

Promoting a Healthy Workplace Culture

We are partnered with Employsure, workplace relations specialists, to assist in promoting a healthy workplace culture. Employsure is a human resources industry leader, and will work closely with our HR Manager and Head Office team to support our people.

Cloverdale works to support and embrace diversity at all levels.

We are:

  • An Equal Opportunity Employer
  • Accredited for Workplace Gender Equality (WGEA)
  • An employer of many staff from diverse cultural backgrounds

Cloverdale’s quality assurance philosophy is to set targets that embody best-practice standards and ethical behaviour. As a result, over Cloverdale’s 25-year journey we have never had a major OHS safety incident, and our long-term injury rate is extremely low.