How to Select the Right Commercial Cleaning Company?


When it comes to selecting an office cleaning business in Melbourne for ongoing services, it’s important to make the right decision to ensure high quality and good value for money. Having your commercial offices cleaned by professionals on a regular basis can help your business:

  • Showcase professionalism to potential clients
  • Boost productivity and morale among employees
  • Maintain and improve hygiene to help prevent sick days

But how do you know which cleaning business to choose? Here are 5 key tips to support you with making the right choice:

1. Look at their Values

With so many independent cleaning businesses around in Melbourne, you want to be confident that they provide reliable and timely services. So, before you put your trust in the hands of a cleaning business, firstly, you should look at their website. Their website should tell you where they’re located, their background and values. From their website you can find out their experience, whether they hire professional or amateur cleaners as well as their standards. If you’re unsure about anything presented on their website, contact their customer service directly.

2. Perform a Background Check

Performing a background check might sound difficult but there are some very easy ways you can find out more about a cleaning company and whether they’re reliable or not! Firstly, you should look at their online reviews. Facebook or Google reviews are a genuinely helpful way to see other people’s experiences with the company you’re interested in. If you can’t see many online reviews, this could indicate that they’re either a new company or they hide their reviews. If you’re set on finding out more, contact the company directly and ask if they can send through some references from businesses they have worked with in the past.

3. Review the Services on Offer

Cleaning services vary from business-to-business so make sure you check that they can accommodate all your indoor and outdoor needs.
Cleaning services vary from business-to-business so make sure you check that they can accommodate all your indoor and outdoor needs.

Cleaning businesses can often vary with what services they have on offer to customers. So, before you settle with your decision, be sure to thoroughly determine exactly what you’ll be paying for. For example, some cleaning businesses might not provide outdoor cleaning services so if you have a balcony or patio area which needs attending, you need to check beforehand.

4. Choose a Local Company

If possible, it’s better to choose a cleaning business which is close to your commercial office location. This way, if there are any instances where you need cleaning services right away but you haven’t booked ahead, they’ll be more likely to meet your needs. Better yet, if you’re able to choose a company with local headquarters you can have face-to-face conversations with the management team to discuss your needs which can really help with building a strong, ongoing business partnership.

5. Ask for a Quote & Consult

Before you sign up for any services, it’s vital that you ask for a quote to ensure you don’t get ripped off at the last minute! Reliable commercial cleaning businesses should be able to provide your company with a quote as well as an initial consultation. This way, you can determine your needs, budget and the frequency that you should employ their services for the best quality outcomes.

At Cloverdale, our experts in cleaning and facility management services recognise that every client has different needs. That’s why we work in partnership to understand your specific cleaning requirements and create a custom solution. Contact us today about our range of cleaning services.

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