Our business has methods & techniques for real time monitoring of our team's activities and delivering a disciplined Quality Assurance review on each piece of work.

We have designed processes that control, manage and sometimes self-generate tracking numbers (“work tickets”) for almost everything that happens in our business. It’s a commitment established by our senior management and it underpins our approach on how to get things done and how approvals are tracked internally.

This structured and disciplined approach is central to our quality assurance capabilities. Led by our National Contact Centre and Regional Manager team, all activities undertaken by field staff are managed centrally, as well as distributed to our dispersed teams. Basically, each work task is being managed in its own way by 3 levels in our business – 1, the leader in the field, 2, our Regional Manager team and 3, our Contact Centre team. As each action is tracked, customised alerts are generated when activities are not in line with expectation and when completed, a Regional Manager is required to sign off all work tickets in their zone so that the result, good or bad, is visible and doesn’t get lost in the myriad of activities being undertaken by our company at any point in time.

Our local Supervision model is unique in our industry and is set up to deliver better quality outcomes for our clients. Our supervisors are not spread thin and have a realistic column of people to manage and work to complete. This allows us to have maximum productive time from them and local availability – this provides coverage with our network to deal with inevitable failure points in our cleaning crews, with supervisors available locally as a coverage option.

GPS attendance monitoring
Deliberate localised management approach
Contact centre oversight and support
Operating model built for inevitable failures
Visibility of local management
Responsive mobile support crews
Wide range of equipment and skills
Reporting systems
Auditable records
Continuous improvement culture through data

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