Our ability to deliver quality outcomes for clients starts with being organised.

The quality of what we do starts with a very simple philosophy of being clear on what we need to be doing. Our systems are all orientated to capturing what needs to be done and providing clear accountability of who is going to perform the required services.

It is through this that we can take very complicated work requirements, in some case across multi-site portfolios, and in many case using different service delivery teams, and keep control the whole way through the process.

Our work planning methodologies and consistency in approach allow actionable plans to be executed, with auditable actions to be reviewed. Our command of macro level resourcing requirements for our business means that some parts of our support team are working on resourcing issues that have not even manifested themselves in the field yet.

Another important platform in our service delivery is the local availability of mobile vans that are kitted out with standardised equipment set, which means no matter where in Australia that van is operating, its service profile is consistent. This enables our planners to ensure that our works are delivered consistently and properly across our business.

Workplanning techniques
Our own staff (not subbies) - we can make things happen
Audit trails and servicing proof
Consistency in approach and oversight
Access to mobile units to support less frequent tasks
Access to equipment, planning and specialised skills
Continuous improvement culture through data
Warranty on workmanship

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