The Essentials of Washroom Maintenance

The Essentials of Washroom Maintenance

Commercial washrooms or restrooms are one of the heaviest trafficked areas, accessed frequently by staff, customers and members of the public on a daily basis – so it’s vital to keep these spaces hygienic and clean, as well as looking and working well too!

It’s never been so important to reduce the risk of exposure to harmful bacteria and protect the health and wellbeing of anyone who comes in contact with your business – yet, germs are an unavoidable reality of life. Warm and moist areas such as public or communal bathrooms naturally develop a higher concentration of bacteria and therefore require more frequent and rigorous cleaning and maintenance processes.

Like servicing your car – ensuring these areas are looked after, cleaned and disinfected regularly will not only help reduce the spread of germs and viruses but also extend the life of your facilities – saving you costly repairs and replacements that result from the constant wear-and-tear of regular daily use.

Here’s everything you need to know about maintaining and cleaning your washroom efficiently – including legal requirements, areas that need thorough and detailed attention and the benefit of a complete Washroom solution to manage everything quickly and easily!

Legally Clean…

Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde knows the importance of quality bathroom consumables
Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde knows the importance of quality bathroom consumables…

As a business owner or manager, it’s essential to understand your Workplace Health and Safety responsibilities. The most recent national SafeWork Australia Model Code of Practice (2018) sets out requirements for businesses in ‘Managing the Work Environment and Facilities’.

This Code provides guidelines for things like design, lighting and ventilation, and states that toilet facilities must always be in good working order, clean, safe and accessible. Adequate toilet paper, soap and water for hand washing and a means for disposing sanitary items must be also provided. Here’s a quick list of bathroom items we can supply:

Note: health and safety obligations vary from state to state – check with your local regulator for the latest advice and call us for help meeting maintenance and cleaning requirements.

Not Just The Toilets…

While toilet seats and urinals may be considered to be the germiest surfaces in a bathroom, studies show that floors, door and tap handles, sinks/ basins, toilet roll and paper towel dispensers, hand dryer buttons and light switches also contain significant levels of bacteria. This is because germs or microbes mainly spread after flushing the toilet (close the lid to reduce the spray!) and through human contact or touch.

Effective management of commercial washroom facilities requires far more than a quick routine clean of the toilets – particularly for busier and larger bathrooms where there are more and frequent users, resulting in a continuous build-up of day-to-day dirt and grime.

Going Deep…

Routine day-to-day cleaning can only achieve so much, periodic deep cleans are also essential
Routine day-to-day cleaning can only achieve so much, periodic deep cleans are also essential

While we’ve seen an increase in demand for deep and bio-cleaning services recently, as a result of COVID_19, we have always recommended complimenting your regular cleaning with periodic scrubbing and deep cleans!

Using the latest in cleaning machinery our expert team will get at those stubborn stains and hard to reach areas, including the grout between tiles to make sure your bathroom is as clean and germ-free as possible.

A couple of the machines we use regularly for washroom deep cleans include:

  • i-Mop – replacing the traditional mop and bucket, this battery-operated scrubber uses water and chemicals in a self-contained tank and the rotating head delivers a highly effective hard floor clean. It’s fast and leaves very little water on the floor during use
  • i-Scrub – a small single head scrubber and polisher, perfect for tight corners and available on board our entire fleet of vehicles.

Why a Washroom Program?

We understand that managing one or multiple bathrooms is not easy and there’s lots to consider. Your regular staff may be able to look after day-to-day tasks, but our professional washroom services will bring your bathrooms back to a shiny and pristine state!

That’s why we offer the benefit of a complete Washroom Program – a whole package of services and products tailored to suit your specific needs, including regular cleaning, periodic deep cleaning, hygiene services, supply of consumables and the peace of mind that your washrooms are best on the block…

As your personal Washroom Manager, we guarantee quality, compliance and efficiency using our digital tracking and monitoring system, fleet of cleaning vans and full-time staff available nationally. Contact us today for an obligation free consultation and quote.

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