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Commercial carpets take a beating and regular carpet cleaning is a core preventative maintenance task in any building.

Having your carpets cleaned professionally and on a regular basis will not only improve the aesthetics and cleanliness of your building, but can also prolong the life of the carpets & avoid the need for premature replacement.

Our teams are equipped with all the machinery and the latest techniques to ensure your carpets are cleaned to the highest standards.

We can perform a variety of carpet restoration techniques and can advise you on your best option.  These may include:

  • Very dirty carpets requiring deep cleaning – Using hot water based Steam Cleaning
  • Moderately soiled carpets – Using the “Encapsulation” method of carpet cleaning
  • Simply spot cleaning of stains

Any one of these methods may get the result you need.

The recommended frequency of a full carpet clean will always come down to the amount of foot traffic using site and the local environment/purpose of the building.

Our team of professionals are ready to advise you on the most effective option for your circumstances within your budget.
Our service includes:

Carpet Cleaning Services in Geelong

Carpet Steam Cleaning Services in Geelong

At Cloverdale, our carpet cleaning involves the individual treatment and removal of stains using professional products and powerful extraction machines.

This ensures your carpets are left as clean and dry as possible. As well as being thoroughly cleaned, the carpets are deodorised and anti-bacterially treated in the process. All cleaning agents we use are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

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Carpet Steam Cleaning

This method of cleaning provides the deepest result, and is the most effective in removing dirt and bacteria from the carpet.

How does a Steam Cleaning Machine work?

Steam cleaning uses vaporised water to clean your carpet and rugs.

Water is heated to the point where it creates vapour in the body of the machine, and is pumped through to a hand held head that looks similar to a vacuum cleaner.

As that heat permeates the fibres of the carpet, it breaks down dirt particles, which are in turn extracted back through the head into the machine and filtered.  During most jobs, water must be replaced periodically to maximise the effectiveness.

Why is it more effective?

This method of carpet cleaning is the only method that reaches all the way down to the lowest layer, or “pile”, of your carpeting to clean it thoroughly. This makes it the best method for dealing with ground in or difficult stains.

What things do I need to consider when booking a job?

Since steam cleaning uses water heated to a high temperature, it can take far longer for the carpet to dry after treatment.

Depending on how thick the carpet is, it can typically be several hours before it is dry.  In some cases carpets can remain damp until the next day.

If you need access to your room quickly, then you might want to consider using another method of cleaning.

Cloverdale office carpet cleaning with blower

Carpet Cleaning using encapsulation

Encapsulation is a low water carpet cleaning method. Its a great option for a lower cost service, causing less impact on the site's operations.

How does the encapsulation process work?

Encapsulation cleaning is a significantly dryer method than steam cleaning. Rather than trying to remove soils using steam, the Encapsulation process uses:

  • a moisture,
  • a chemical application,
  • agitation of the carpet fibre by a machine with a rotating head and a special carpet pad,
  • plus waiting time.

Crystalised particles encapsulate the dirt and the carpets are vacuumed to remove the crystals.  During this process the machinery agitation can be targeted to areas with stains for effective results.

This method is shown here using a large orbital floor machine.

What circumstances suit the use of this method?

This is a great method typically due to its low moisture.  It means areas cleaned can be back in operation sooner, as there is limited drying time.

It is also an effective part of a multi year cost strategy for maintaining carpets.  Steam Cleaning has higher labour costs and impacts, so using this method for alternate carpet cleans (in conjunction with steam cleaning) can be an effective way of improving carpets and removing stains, delivering a reduced total cost over the life of the carpet/building.

What things do I need to consider when booking a job?

Access when staff are not on site is the main consideration.  When using encapsulation most impacts on the site are moderated significantly over other techniques.

Our team can assess your property and advise on the time they would need and what impact this may have on your operations.

Cloverdale office carpet cleaning with machine

Spot cleaning of stains

Our small scale carpet spot cleaning machines allow us to very easily target isolated stains without having the expense or planning when cleaning an entire carpet area.

Does this machine operate like a normal Steam Cleaner?

In principle, this process is the same as a larger scale machine.

What stain size could this machine address?

It’s a slower process, so it’s best on small areas.  It could possibly cover a small job up to around 1 square metre at a stretch.

Cloverdale spot cleaning chair

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We’re experts in commercial cleaning and facility services management. No job is too complex, too big, too remote or too small.

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We’re experts in commercial cleaning and facility services management. No job is too complex, too big, too remote or too small. Let us create a plan and deliver the best solution for you.

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