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Cloverdale provides a customised commercial service that’s right for your business

A structured workplan is central to our routine commercial cleaning services.  Some parts of your building will need daily attention, others weekly or perhaps monthly. A well designed scope of work for your facility allows attention to be given by zone at an appropriate frequency to ensure that the time spent cleaning your site gets the maximum return for effort.

Our workplans are typically broken into 3 separate workstreams, each of which has a different management technique, equipment requirement and cost profile.  Getting the balance right at the time of setting up means that we maximise the commercial value for our clients.

Our service includes:
Office Cleaning Services in Melbourne CBD
Pressure Cleaning Services in Melbourne CBD
Commercial Cleaning Services in Geelong
Office Cleaning Services in Geelong
High Pressure Cleaning in Geelong
Carpet Cleaning Services in Geelong

Understanding your needs:

The typical building has a myriad of cleaning tasks that need to be undertaken to keep it well maintained. Breaking down this complex web into managed work streams is central to Cloverdale's approach and in getting the basics right from the start.
Routine cleaning

Standard, everyday cleaner. Highly focused tasks. High productivity per sqm.

Specific tasks requiring special equipment

Mobile van operated by a local supervisor and skilled staff. Quality assurance. Responsive.

Major periodicals

Skilled, specialist crew with expensive equipment. After hours attendance. Extensive planning and logistics.

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Set daily work plans

These reflect the basic requirements of each site. The focus here is productivity: ensuring that the fundamental, repetitive tasks are undertaken with the right equipment and focus to maximise value for cleaning hours.

Focus area

The priority day to day are the most heavily trafficked and sensitive areas- Bathrooms, Kitchens, Bins and customer facing zones.

Typical Tasks

Vacuuming, Mopping, Wiping, Scrubbing

Opportunities for efficiency and savings

A well thought through scope of works can support more time being spent cleaning.

  • Create centralised bin stations- avoid personal/under desk bins.  Small bins are very time consuming to empty and re-line – time is money, and this time can be spent performing other tasks.
  • Battery operated vacuums
  • Highly efficient wide mouth carpet sweepers

Set weekly/monthly impact plan

Rather than simply allocate cleaning hours out on a linear basis, we deliberately ringfence a portion of the contracted time and our management ensures that these hours are allocated to 1) address more specific tasks in the SOR and 2) to address areas identified as needing attention. Where possible, teams working in crews get the best results.

Our leaders get involved

Cloverdale’s local leadership team is actively involved in performing work alongside our cleaners.  Their working times are aligned to when their staff are working so that oversight and support is available.

In an after hours industry we believe that our management’s visibility with our cleaning crew is critical- they bring additional skills, oversight and quality control, but also help foster an environment for our cleaners where they know we care about their work and contribution to our business.

Disruptive work patterns

We deliberately schedule attendance by our local Supervisors to ensure that less frequent tasks that are required are attended to.

We lean heavily on our IT systems to validate this work is being performed and it is central to our Quality Assurance procedures.

Access to skills & equipment

Our local Supervisors can support better outcomes by ensuring equipment that would not normally be held on site is made available for intermittent work.

Sometimes this equipment also needs additional skills/training, which is either contributed by the local Supervisor or passed on to the everyday staff with personalised training.

Planned periodicals

Reflecting less frequent works, priced separately from the daily cleaning, and instigated by mutual agreement. Why? Because these sort of works are typically more difficult to arrange. They often require a degree of planning, an empty building & special equipment to complete.

Planning to avoid disruption

Performing these works are typically high impact on your building.  They can involve:

  • needing access when no staff or customers are on site,
  • loud equipment,
  • slip hazards,
  • the use of lifting platforms.

As a result, these works need joint planning between Cloverdale and our clients to ensure a safe and responsible outcome for all stakeholders.

Special skills, equipment and crews needed

The sort of work performed periodically for this branch of commercial cleaning can require special equipment, special skills and potential larger crews to complete work in the allotted time.

Efficient Carpet Cleaning – Check out our latest large format twin roller sweeper.

Perfect for high volume carpets, large foyer sweeping, and excels in open spaces. Using a battery pack means no cords and with exceptional handling in tight and confined spaces this unit allows a single staff member to cover very large areas in a significantly reduced time. Its just one of the methods we use to generate value for our clients.
Cloverdale twin roller sweeper

Why choose Cloverdale?

What we do

We’re experts in commercial cleaning and facility services management. No job is too complex, too big, too remote or too small.

Whether you’re a small office or single retail outlet, a multi-level building or a multi-site organisation, we have the solutions, capabilities and the flexibility to meet your facility services needs.

Who we are

Our organisation is committed to professionalism and attention to detail. We pride ourselves on being reliable, responsible and organised.

Our dedicated team are not only well-trained and experienced, they carry ownership of your projects and focus on delivering the best solution for you. We’re practical and we’re capable and we’re committed to results.

How we do it

We work with you in partnership to understand your needs and create a custom solution, then we get on with delivering what we have agreed.

We’ve taken the time to invest in staff, processes, set up systems, and implement leading technologies to make sure we’re always ready, responsive and capable of delivering what we say.

What it means for you

Working with Cloverdale means you will have a clean, safe and secure workplace, with everything working as it should.

You can trust us to deliver simple services right through to a fully integrated solution. Rest assured we will maintain quality, compliance and efficiency from the start and throughout the life of your project. You can be confident we’ll do what we say we’ll do.

Local leadership

Our Regional Supervisors are supported by Head Office and our Regional Operations Managers. From their position, the Regional Operations Manager has more resources to draw upon when needed, most notably for occasional works when perhaps a specialist skill is needed.
Digital awareness of attendance.

Rosters are tracked automatically. Our systems show us who is on site and when they depart.

Supervising ratios

We structure our local leadership and monitor their work load to a level that means that they can realistically achieve what I clients need. Too often in our industry, cleaning companies run this ratio too loosely, meaning that management is barely superficial and focuses on resolving issues. We deliberately aim to prevent issues before they happen.

Our Supervisors work alongside our cleaners.

Our Supervisors are scheduled to work within our teams and alongside our cleaners- deliberately. This is especially important in Facility services where often a single employee can service a site for a long period. We make sure they are visited, supported, trained, know who their boss is and feel part of a larger team.

Local availability

We structure our business to maximise local availability of Supervisors to ensure they have the opportunity to meaningfully react to on the day circumstances as they arise.

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We’re experts in commercial cleaning and facility services management. No job is too complex, too big, too remote or too small. Let us create a plan and deliver the best solution for you.

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