Large or small, we have the right approach to deliver great value Facility Services to your office.

The presentation and upkeep of your work environment leaves a lasting impression on clients and employees.  Cloverdale can tailor a service profile for your company ranging from single tasks through to a fully integrated service partnership.  It’s up to you.

As commercial cleaning represents the core maintenance function for offices, our servicing offer has this at its core.  This regular attendance requirement coupled with deep knowledge of your building makes us a great low fuss partner to engage on other services.  We know your building intimately, know the pass codes and hold the keys.  It enables us to maintain security on your site whilst performing any number of services during and after hours as required.

Whether your office needs daily, weekly, monthly, or occasional cleaning, or has simple property maintenance needs come up from time to time, our company has a national operating network that allows us to deliver consistent services across Australia.  Our planning team in conjunction with our Contact Centre remain on top of all planning, logistics & resourcing issues, after which our local teams deliver the services on the ground.  This structure allows us to execute simple or complex services seamlessly, as the scope of works is project managed centrally and work is then divided into accountabilities for local teams.  Whether it is one job at one site or a national work package across hundreds, our management techniques dissect and deliver simple instructions to ensure each component of work is performed and quality checked.

Look through our website for the range of services we can provide, and talk to us about how we can adapt to your needs.

Types of offices we cater for

Cloverdale corporate office interior workspace cleaning

Large Offices

Our commercially driven solutions are built around clever work planning and smart use of capital equipment.

Our solutions are tailored to each building, but focus on:

  • Structured work planning & attendance validation
  • Crew based work approach, with disruptive work patterns to maximise staff productivity
  • Reducing labour through capital equipment investments
  • Deliberate on-site supervision approach
Cloverdale office reception foyer cleaning services

Small Offices

Our management model is built so that all sites, large or small, are professionally managed with the same protocols and compliance.

Our business comprises all sorts of locations and small sites don’t get lost due to:

  • Deliberate mobile support & supervision strategy
  • Disruptive work patterns to maximise staff productivity
  • Special/irregular tasks work-ticketed for confirmation & audit
  • Attendance validation through GPS systems
  • Recurring central management review of sites
Cloverdale government library office cleaning services

Multi-site portfolio

Let our team build a customised solution for you, built around a single point of contact.

Multi-site office portfolios will typically have a standard set of requirements.  Our focus is for consistency of service delivery:

  • Single point of contact for your account
  • Support executing a national program of works
  • Consistent delivery and compliance approach across all sites
  • Deliberate localised service delivery strategy to improve site by site outcomes
  • GPS enabled attendance validation

Why choose Cloverdale?

What we do

We’re experts in commercial cleaning and facility services management. No job is too complex, too big, too remote or too small.

Whether you’re a small office or single retail outlet, a multi-level building or a multi-site organisation, we have the solutions, capabilities and the flexibility to meet your facility services needs.

Who we are

Our organisation is committed to professionalism and attention to detail. We pride ourselves on being reliable, responsible and organised.

Our dedicated team are not only well-trained and experienced, they carry ownership of your projects and focus on delivering the best solution for you. We’re practical and we’re capable and we’re committed to results.

How we do it

We work with you in partnership to understand your needs and create a custom solution, then we get on with delivering what we have agreed.

We’ve taken the time to invest in staff, processes, set up systems, and implement leading technologies to make sure we’re always ready, responsive and capable of delivering what we say.

What it means for you

Working with Cloverdale means you will have a clean, safe and secure workplace, with everything working as it should.

You can trust us to deliver simple services right through to a fully integrated solution. Rest assured we will maintain quality, compliance and efficiency from the start and throughout the life of your project. You can be confident we’ll do what we say we’ll do.

Request a consultation

We’re experts in commercial cleaning and facility services management. No job is too complex, too big, too remote or too small. Let us create a plan and deliver the best solution for you.

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