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Whatever the floor surface, we have machinery on hand to get it looking great.

Each building will have an array of different hard floor surfaces, from marble foyers to tiled bathrooms.  Material choices by builders and architects will differ dramatically based on budget, meaning some expertise is needed to get the best out of any floor maintenance program or restoration.

Using the right machinery, calibrated for each different surface and then adding the right mix of chemicals is not always easy- Cloverdale’s team has seen it all and can guide you through the right method of restoring your hard floor surface’s appearance.

Our range of hard floor cleaning services are suitable for a wide variety of hard flooring materials.

  • Vinyl floors
  • Ceramic tile floors
  • Granite floors
  • Laminate
  • Engineered and solid wood
  • Terracotta
  • Linoleum
  • Rubber compound floors

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Check out some of our cleaning machinery below

The i-Mop

What is this machine?

The i-Mop is the latest technology for simple, highly productive and effective hard floor cleaning.

Where a mop and bucket is used the i-Mop can replace this old technique and achieve greater results.

It is a battery operated scrubber that uses water & chemicals from a self contained tank.  Its versatility comes from the quick change scrubbing pads available.

How does it work?

The unit has a self-contained water and chemicals tank and is very water efficient.  One its greatest benefits is that it leaves very little water on the floor surface during use.

The unit’s rotating head enables efficient use in tight spaces and when a variable speed is selected, coupled with the variety of quick change brushes available, our technicians are able to select a suitable abrasive level for the surface that they are working on to ensure a quality outcome.

The unit is battery operated which allows for longer free movement throughout a building.  All Cloverdale units have spare batteries on hand, meaning no downtime throughout the day.

It’s fast, effective and high quality and provides great value to our customers.

What can it clean?

Our technicians carry a wide range of cleaning pads, suited to differing surfaces.  This device enables the pads and brushes to be swapped out very quickly depending on floor surfaces, and can be used on virtually all hard floor surfaces.

The i-Scrub

What is this machine?

Small single head scrubber and polisher which is fast and efficient.

How does it work?

This unit is a simple rotating head scrubber and buffer.  Its capability adapts with the change of pads to match the surface being targeted.

Its small head makes it perfect for tighter spaces.

What can it clean?

The i-Scrub is one of our go to machines.  Our entire fleet of vehicles run these machines as they are lightweight and incredibly adaptable for quick results on many surfaces.

It excels in tight corners and is especially effective in washrooms and showers as it gets right into the corners and around toilet bowls.

The Orbot

What is this machine?

One of the most versatile, orbital floor machines available.

It is a large head scrubber and polisher and it can be used to clean, scrub, strip and polish any hard flooring, and can be used on carpets too with the right pads in place.

How does it work?

Its orbital head spins and uses carefully selected pads/brushes to match the surface it is being used on.

The Orbot has the ability to quickly change from coarse scrubbing brushes to fine polishing pads.

What can it clean?

Vinyl: Used to strip old unsightly polish before new sealer is applied, then later with a change out to a lambswool pad to buff out the floor sealer and leave a shiny high standard result.

Tiles/Timber:  Scrub and polish both tiles and timber, always leaving a professional finish.

The Truvox Multiwash

What is this machine?

Self-contained scrubber, uses minimum water and leaves close to a dry surface, meaning you can use it in trafficked areas with less OH&S risks.

How does it work?

Self-contained scrubber collects its own dirty water as it cleans.

Easily moves between carpet and tiled surfaces using minimum water and leaves close to a dry surface, reducing slip hazards.

What can it clean?

Can be used on many surfaces, including tiles, timber, concrete, carpets.

Cloverdale vinyl hard floor cleaning scrubbing

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We’re experts in commercial cleaning and facility services management. No job is too complex, too big, too remote or too small.

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We’re experts in commercial cleaning and facility services management. No job is too complex, too big, too remote or too small. Let us create a plan and deliver the best solution for you.

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