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Make washrooms more pleasant using Odour Control methods as a part of your approach.

To ensure the washrooms and all areas of your organisation are always smelling fresh, wall mounted automatic air fresheners can be programmed to release fragrances on a set cycle.

This cycle can be limited to the site’s operating hours, increasing the service interval requirement and reducing the use of replacement consumables over the life of the unit.

Other options exist across the washroom to stabilise unpleasant odours between servicing intervals, giving employees, clients and customers a better experience.

Our products

Wall Dispenser Odour Control Air Freshener
Automated Air Fresheners

  • Fully programmable
  • Adjustable to deliver fragrance only during business hours
  • Consistent fragrance release
  • Variety of fragrance scents available

Urinal Mats For Washroom
Urinal Screens/Mats

  • A modern alternative to traditional urinal blocks
  • Delivers a deodorising effect
  • Prevents debris from entering the plumbing trap

Household Supply
Urinal Blocks

  • Placed around the drain hole
  • These blocks:
    • Are totally eco-safe and biodegradable,
    • Accelerate organic waste breakdown,
    • Contain odour neutralizing perfume

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Contact our team to discuss the best options for your workplace

    Benefits of a managed service

    Single point of contact

    Our customer service operators will follow your enquiry through to conclusion within our team irrespective of where you are located in Australia

    Hassle-free and reliable

    Our team will schedule regular attendance at your site to ensure your equipment is consistently operational

    Flexible and seasonal

    Does your business need flexibility to adjust for peak seasons and busy times? We'll work with you to create an annualised program that reflects the profile of your business

    Sanitised, repaired, replaced

    Not only do we keep your bins clean and sanitary, if a lid is broken or batteries need replacing, it's all part of our managed washroom service

    No capital outlay required

    Our managed programs take away the need for significant upfront investment in equipment and installation. Pay by the month with no risk of incidental costs along the way

    Let us manage your washroom

    When you work with Cloverdale on a washroom program you can rest assured we will maintain quality, compliance and efficiency from the start and throughout the life of your project.

    We recognise that every client has different needs – that every facility requires a unique program.  We work with you in partnership to understand your needs and create a custom solution. Then, with care, commitment and transparency we deliver to your satisfaction.

    We use our in-house ticketing system to schedule recurring attendance at the frequency you require. We continually monitor and document our performance with complete transparency so you know that we’re doing what we said we would do.  And we don’t stop there.  We’re available to provide support as, and when you need it.

    From the moment you choose Cloverdale, you can be confident that we can manage your facility to your needs and requirements and trust that we’ll do what we say we’ll do, hassle free.

    In-house ticketing system
    Unique program for every client
    Wide range of skills & techniques when on site

    Request a consultation

    We’re experts in commercial cleaning and facility services management. No job is too complex, too big, too remote or too small. Let us create a plan and deliver the best solution for you.

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